Sam Koplewicz, JD (Harvard Law School), BA (Brown), is a Harvard Law Satter Fellow working on policy driven media advocacy.
He previously worked at Human Rights Watch where he researched and wrote: “’We Just Want Her In School.’ Barriers to Education for Children with Disabilities in Lebanon.” He simultaneously worked on media advocacy around international humanitarian law with a focus on Syria.
Sam Koplewicz graduated from Brown University with a BA in Public Policy and from Harvard Law School with a JD. At Harvard, Koplewicz was President of the Harvard Law Documentary Studio. Between receiving his undergraduate degree and matriculating in law school, he spent a year in Croatia investigating changes in anti-money laundering policy as a Fulbright Scholar.
Klaudia Majcher, LLM (Leiden), is a Doctoral Researcher at the Institute for European Studies, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium. Her research focuses on the legal relationship between EU competition law, data protection law and privacy in the context of the EU digital market. She previously worked at a European law firm in Brussels.
In 2013 she received her LLM degree in European Law from Leiden University. For her master’s thesis entitled “Intersection of IP law and EU competition rules. The EU formula for intervention in unilateral refusals to license an intellectual asset: A New Approach” she was awarded Best LLM Thesis of the Year Prize by the Europa Institute at Leiden Law School (2013) and the Jongbloed Thesis Prize (2nd) by the Faculty of Law (2014).