18th Dubrovnik Jean Monnet Seminar: Advanced Issues of European Law ‘The EU as a Green Leader’

organised by

the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, University of Zagreb – Faculty of Law,

held at the Inter-University Centre, Dubrovnik




 Participating Faculty

Susan Biniaz, Yale University

Melita Carević, University of Zagreb

Tamara Ćapeta, University of Zagreb
Iris Goldner Lang, University of Zagreb

Adam Łazowski, University of Westminster

Tamara Perišin, University of Zagreb
Chai Qimin, Tsinghua University and Guizhou Institute of Technology

Donald Regan, University of Michigan

Joanne Scott, European University Institute

Josephine Van Zeben, Wageningen University & Research


Seminar topic

The 18th session of the Jean Monnet Seminar will focus on the topic “The EU as a Green Leader”.

Paper proposals may cover a variety of topics including, but not limited to:

  • the extraterritorial reach of EU environmental law
  • EU’s influence on global standard setting in climate change law, or more broadly environmental law
  • EU’s leadership potential in climate change law, or more broadly environmental law
  • the consistency of EU’s climate change legislation
  • carbon leakage
  • the role of the EU in conclusion and implementation of the Paris Agreement
  • the introduction of border carbon adjustments
  • the development of global standards for aviation and shipping greenhouse gas emissions.


Structure of the Seminar

The Seminar entails two parts – talks by prominent speakers (academics and senior practitioners) and presentations by PhD candidates and early-career academics.



Organisers welcome researchers interested in presenting a paper dealing with the topic of the Seminar. Candidates are invited to apply by submitting a paper proposal (500 words max) and a CV by 25 February 2020 to jmseminar.dubrovnik@gmail.com.

Accepted candidates will be invited to submit their papers for publication in the Croatian Yearbook of European Law & Policy (coming out in December 2020, www.cyelp.com).



A limited number of grants will be available.