Chair of European Public Law
Chair of European Public Law

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Chair of European Public Law aims at developing teaching and research on undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level. It has as its goal to connect with academic institutions in Europe and in the world, to open new professional opportunities for lawyers and to promote critical thinking about EU law and European values. 


A Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence is a focal point of competence and knowledge on European Union subjects. It brings together high-level experts to create links between the various disciplines and resources in European studies and to form links with academic institutions in other countries.

The Centre plays a key role in reaching out to students from faculties not normally dealing with European Union issues as well as to policy makers, civil servants, organised civil society and the general public at large.





Below is the list of courses which Department offers at different levels of studies. The first two courses are taught in Croatian, and all the other in English language. 


Second year courses:

Europsko javno pravo (only in Croatian language)

Europsko javno pravo - seminar (only in Croatian language)

European Public Law - seminar 'EU Global Leadership in the Rule of Law' 


Fifth year courses:

EU Legal Architecture

Jurisdiction and the Role of the Court of Justice of the EU

EU Internal Market Law

Fundamental Rights in the EU

EU Migration Law and Policy

Dubrovnik seminar: Advanced Issues of EU Law


The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence - of the Chair of European Public Law - is offering courses to ERASMUS students and students taking the Croatian law degree programme. All courses listed above are delivered in English language, unless indicated otherwise. The courses are attended both by ERASMUS students and Croatian law degree students in order to create multicultural working atmosphere and to contribute to international exchange of knowledge and ideas.

Students who pass four Jean Monnet Courses will receive a Jean Monnet certificate. All courses offered within the Jean Monnet program are supported by the European Commission and lead to competences of level 7 of the European Qualifications Framework (master level).

Students taking one or more of Jean Monnet courses are encouraged to elect writing a master thesis with one of the Jean Monnet professors.

ERASMUS students are also eligible for participation at the Dubrovnik seminar upon invitation. Students taking more Jean Monnet courses shall have priority in the selection process.


Appointments with professors

Students wishing to schedule an appointment with Department members have to announce themselves by e-mail at 

There will be no appointments in the week of the exam