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Katedra za europsko javno pravo s ponosom javlja: PROFESOR RODIN POLOŽIO ZAKLETVU ZA SUCA EUROPSKOG SUDA

Professor Rodin sworn in as judge at the Court of Justice of the EU

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Price Media Law Moot Court Programme


Students preapred by the Jean Monnet Chair won the South East Europe Regional Round in Belgrade and qualified for the International Round in Oxford. 

Studenti Ivana Cvitanović, Antonija Ivančan, Filip Kufrin, Kristina Mandić, Dina Salapić i Dora Stulić, uz mentorstvo Branke Marušić mag. iur. i u suradnji s Ivom Kuštrak dipl. iur.


3rd place at the Central and Eastern European Moot Competition (CEEMC)!

Malta, May 2012. From left to right: team members Antonija Ivančan, Jadranka Jakovčić, Filip Kufrin (Speaker's Award winner) , Dina Salapić. Coached by Mislav Mataija.



2nd place at ELMC regional finals!

From left to right: Tamara Ćapeta, Lana Knežević, Carmen Grlica, Lana Vdović and Melita Carević (coach)













First, at last, but two times
European Law Moot Court Competition

Ana Bobić, Branka Marušić, Ivana Kordić and Vanda Jakir, Vedran Barišić and Ivan Zrinjski, won the European Law Moot Court Competititon as the best team and as the best Advocate General (Vanda Jakir)





1st place at CEEMC - Vilnius



  • Best team: Nika Bačić, Dora Horvat, Ana Lah and Kristina Mandić
  • Best speaker: Dora Horvat
  • Speaker award: Kristina Mandić
  • Coach: Filip Kuhta



Also in 2011



Second to none and as good as it gets! 

Second place taken for the third time


Runner-ups to the Europen Law Moot Court Finals - Luxembourg, ECJ, April 16. Left to Right: Tena Ratković, Jurica Sevšek and Mirna Romić, coached  by Melita Carević.


Also in 2010



This time it is Central and East European Moot Court Competition! Team took 3rd place in Kiev, Ukraine while Vanda Jakir received Anniversary Speaker Award and Branka Marušić a speaker award. The team of four, comprising also Tomislav Krmek and Jelena Praštalo was coached by Melita Carević.


Also in 2009

  • Iris Goldner Lang granted Jean Monnet Module EU Internal Market Law
  • Vol. 5 of Croatian Yearbook of European Law and Policy Published
  • 7th session of the Jean Monnet seminar Advanced Issues of European Law was held in Dubrovnik



Oops! We did it again!

Our students, Melita Carević, Paula Kiš and Filip Kuhta qualified 2nd to the College of Europe at the All-European finals of the European Law Moot Court Competition, on April 4th 2008.

Left to right: Mislav Mataija (Coach), Melita Carević, Siniša Rodin, Paula Kiš and Filip Kuhta.

Final ranking: 1. College of Europe, 2. University of Zagreb, 3. Columbia University Law School and 3. Universität Heidelberg.



Also in 2008






In 2006 the team trained by the Chair took 2nd place at the European Law Moot Court Competition held in Luxembourg before the European Court of Justice.

Team members: Lea Zuber, Tomislav Sokol, Tina Čučić, Iris Valković, , Gordana Topić, Mislav Mataija, Goran Selanec (Coach)


Also in 2006

  • Jean Monnet Chair extended to Prof. Siniša Rodin
  • Student team ranked 4 at Central and East European Law Moot Court Competition
  • Vol. 2. of Croatian Yearbook of European Law and Policy Published
  • Iris Goldner appointed at tenured position




In 2005 first volume of Croatian Yearbook of European Law and Policy was lounched




Also in 2005

  • Tamara Ćapeta granted Jean Monnet Module - National Courts as European Courts



EU law became part of the core curriculum of the law degree program



This is when the Chair was established