Jean Monnet seminar in European Public Law

academic year 2021/2022




This seminar is offered in English to 2nd year law students, and is equally open to all exchange students.


The seminar analyses the topics taught in the general course on European Public Law by using a more interactive and practical approach. The seminar will discuss basic concepts of EU law, explaining them through a historic, comparative perspective or through interesting contemporary developments in the case-law of the Court of Justice.


Certain topics that may be covered include, for example: the development of a “new (EU) legal order” in a comparative common law perspective (understanding EU case law development based on comparison with the US legal system), the direct effect of EU law in practice, the concept of ‘rule of law’ in the case-law of the Court of Justice, the rising threats to the ‘rule of law’ in Europe, EU fundamental rights, etc.


The classes will be interactive, based on the discussions of lecturers and students. The materials for each class will be published in advance on the seminar website, together with a list of questions around which the debate will be conducted. Students will be obliged to prepare in advance and to be ready to discuss the questions indicated in the materials.





In the academic year 2021/2022, the course will be held between April 11th and May 9th, on Mondays and Wednesdays, 13h - 15h, at Ćirilometodska, lecture room no. 5 (ground floor). 






Mondays and Wednesdays at 13:00h

Classes start 11 April 2022, end 9 May 2022

Seminar paper due 16 May 2022





dr. sc. Nika Bačić Selanec, LL.M. (UMich)





1) Seminar paper 70% of the grade

2) Regular attendance and class participation - 30% of the grade

Students will be required to prepare for each class in advance by reading the assigned materials available at the course e-learning site.

The course is based on a Socratic method. Students will be expected to prepare for class and participate in class discussions, which may influence their final grade.



TEACHING UNITS (examples):

·       A "New Legal Order" in a Comparative Common Law Perspective

·       Constitutionalizing the EU

·       Direct Effect of EU Law in Practice

·       Mangold-Ajos Saga: On general principles of EU law & how to make directives apply in horizontal situations?

·       EU Economic freedoms v. Fundamental Rights: An analysis of the CJEU "veil cases"

·       Court of Justice to the rescue? Protecting the Rule of Law in the EU

·       How to write a seminar paper