The main objective of the course is to introduce students to Croatian criminal justice system. It aims exclusively at foreign exchange students, who will get the opportunity for the first time at the Faculty of Law in Zagreb to learn about Croatian criminal justice in a comprehensive and integrated manner. Throughout the course, the students learn about the basic concepts of Croatian substantive criminal law, general principles of criminal liability, justifications and other grounds of impunity, various types of criminal offences and the sanctioning system, Croatian criminal procedure, including judicial organisation, stages of penal process, powers, rights and duties of different subjects, legal remedies, as well as about the prison system and execution and extinction of sentences in general. The course is unique in a sense that it combines substantive criminal law, criminal procedure and penitentiary law (execution of sentences), and thus enable students to get an overview and understand how Croatian criminal justice system functions as a whole, from the moment when the criminal offence is committed or learned about, through criminal proceedings and, finally, execution of sentence. Although the focus of this course is naturally on Croatian institutions, legal rules and their implementation in practice, this course has a strong comparative prong. Learning about a foreign system helps students understand their own legal systems in a more profound manner. In addition, content of the course is offered through comparative lenses and the focus is on basic concepts, principles and reasons that led to particular solutions, and not on detailed analysis of legal articles and particular provisions.