Professor Frane Staničić was born in Makarska on 5 August 1981. He graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb in 2006, and received his doctorate degree from the same faculty in 2011 on the topic: “Development of the Institute of Expropriation in Croatia”. He is a full professor at the Department of Administrative Law at the Faculty of Law in Zagreb, where he was a junior assistant (2006-2011), senior assistant (2011-2012), assistant professor (2012-2017) and associate professor (2017-2022). As an external associate, he worked in the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports to resolve appeals in cases of recognition of the equivalence of foreign higher education qualifications (2007/2008).

He teaches within different study programmes: law studies, social work studies, professional and specialist graduate professional studies in public administration and professional tax studies at the Faculty of Law in Zagreb. He teaches Administrative Law and Police Administrative Law at the Police Academy in Zagreb, Ministry of the Interior. He also teaches at the Deák Ferenc Doctoral School of the Law Faculty of the University of Miskolc (HUN). He mentored over 180 graduate and final theses. He has reviewed dozens of scientific papers.

Professor Staničić is a member of the Scientific Council for State Administration, Judiciary and Rule of Law of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts. He is a member (external) of the Legislation Committee of the Croatian Parliament. He has been a member of the Special Expert Committee for the implementation of the Education, Science and Technology Strategy and the coordination of strategies and activities in the field of education and science (since 2017). He is a member of the examination committee of the Chamber of Tax Advisors. He is a member of the Secretariat of the Institute for Public Administration. He is a regular member of the Croatian Academy of Legal Sciences. He was a special advisor to the Minister of Science and Education for legal issues (2017). He was a member of the Committee for the Constitution, Rules of Procedure and Political System of the Croatian Parliament (2018-2020). He was a member of working groups for drafting several laws. He participated as an expert reviewer and as a member of working groups for the preparation of state professional exams for several fields. He was the secretary of the doctoral and specialist study Public Law and Public Administration (2011-2015). He has published four author’s books, over seventy scientific papers and over two hundred and fifty professional papers, reviews and other works. He was a (co)leader of the Croatian-Slovenian bilateral scientific project “Legal Analysis of Existing Energy Legislation in the Republic of Slovenia and the Republic of Croatia and Recommendations for Improvement” (2018-2019). He has participated in several scientific research projects, six of which are international. As an expert, he has participated in several IPA projects.

His areas of scientific work and interest include administrative proceedings, administrative disputes, expropriation and other public law restrictions on ownership, regulatory agencies, relations between the state and the church, the legal position of religious communities, etc.