The Faculty of Law is a public institution, a scientific and educational constituent unit of the University of Zagreb, which organizes and performs university and professional studies, and conducts scientific and professional work in the scientific field of social sciences.

The college is run by the dean and the Faculty Council.


The faculty’s organizational units are centres, institutes and departments.

Study centres are organizational units of the faculty that organize and perform scientific and professional work. The faculty includes:

  1. the Social Work Study Centre, and
  2. the Study Centre for Public Administration and Public Finance.

The faculty’s activities are based on the freedom and autonomy of creation, the publicity of work, ethical approach in teaching and research, international quality standards, connection with the education system, intellectual property protection, academic freedoms, academic self-governance and autonomy, openness to the public and citizens, indivisibility of teaching and scientific research, respect and affirmation of human rights and freedoms, the European humanistic and democratic tradition, and harmonization with the European higher education system , the concept of lifelong education, etc.

The faculty’s activities include:

  1. setting up and carrying out university studies and other forms of education in the areas of law, administration, social work and related areas;
  2. scientific research and professional work in the field of legal, economic, political and other social sciences;
  3. provision of research, development and advisory services, preparation of expert surveys and opinions;
  4. publishing, printing and IT activities;
  5. other supporting activities.