The Faculty of Law of the University of Zagreb provides the highest quality education of lawyers in the Republic of Croatia, with a tradition that goes back almost 250 years in the past, but with the acceptance of all modern learning techniques and ways of communicating with our students. Our teachers participate in the creation of Croatian laws and public policies and provide students with a creative blend of theory and practice. Their international cooperation also ensures their knowledge of all quality trends in the education of lawyers in Europe and the world.

Our claim that we are the highest quality institution in the field of legal education in the Republic of Croatia is based on the following facts: out of four Croatian judges at the European courts in Luxembourgu and Strasbourg, our Faculty has given three, our teacher has become an Advocate General at the Court of Justice of the EU, of the 13 judges of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Croatia, 10 graduated from our Faculty, out of 35 active judges of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Croatia, 27 graduated from our Faculty, most of the presidents of the high courts of the Republic of Croatia (High Commercial Court, High Misdemeanour Court, High Administrative Court, High Criminal Court) are our former students, and of the 10 previous ministers of justice, 9 graduated from our Faculty. Therefore, it is undeniable that we provide our students with a quality education that guarantees their success in the careers in the legal profession.

The quality of our students has been recognised in all areas where lawyers are employed – the legal profession, the judiciary, notary, public administration, economy and other areas. However, the education we offer provides wide employability beyond the legal profession, as shown by a number of examples of celebrities who graduated from the Faculty of Law in Zagreb. Thus, our former students and current alumni include two former presidents of the Republic of Croatia and half of Prime Ministers of the Republic of Croatia (out of fourteen Croatian Governments, seven of them were led by our former students). Our former students also include numerous distinguished diplomats, businessmen and scientists.