Procedure for the application of projects to the Office for International Cooperation

An employee of the Faculty who intends to apply a national or international project reports to the Office for International Cooperation and projects of the Faculty of Law (hereinafter: OICP) by submitting the Research project application form which contains basic information about the application (tender, coordinator and partners, budget deadlines and so on). OICP is at the disposal to the project proposal manager throughout the entire process of project application in terms of administrative support. When project funding is approved, the project manager submits draft agreement to the OICP for review, completion and signing (grant agreement, funding agreement, partnership agreement, consortium agreement etc.).

The OICP is the first contact point for project application and the intention is that all questions related to projects should be first addressed to the office, so we kindly ask the employees to exclusively contact the email address regarding projects in order to ensure that all office staff are informed about the status of project cycles and the needs of employees.

After processing applications, the OICP establishes contact with Vice-Deans in charge and with the Faculty Administration in order to make the necessary decisions and take the necessary steps.

The Office for International Cooperation is located on Ćirilometodska 4, room No. 15, and apart from the email address, it is available at the telephone number 014564391. The person responsible is Jelena Tadić Cignar, and the Vice-Dean for Science and Projects is Prof. Elizabeta Ivičević Karas, PhD.


Proposal for financial allocation from the project

If it is possible according to the project rules, during preparation of the project documentation the project manager is obliged to make calculations and submit a proposal for financial allocation from the project for general material and developmental needs of the Faculty of Law within the aforementioned Research project application form. The proposal is considered by the Faculty Administration and upon the approval of the proposal information is forwarded to the Accounting. The OICP provides support to project managers during the preparation of the proposal for financial allocation.

We point out that in case of central EPLUS projects which are conducted via the University, the Faculty is obliged to pay 1% of the overall funds intended for the faculty to the account number of the University, so it is advisable to cover that amount from the project whenever possible.


Project entry into the project database Croris

When a project is approved for funding and its implementation begins, the project manager is obliged to enter the project into the Croatian Scientific Information System (Croris) or to submit the requested data so that the Office could enter the project into the database and link the project to the project manager and collaborators.

Data manager on the faculty level is Ivana Bregović Žimbrek.


Project implementation

The OICP offers administrative support to the project manager through the entire implementation process. Upon completion of the project implementation, the project manager informs the OICP that the project has been completed, submits a final report or similar information about the completion of the project. The OICP makes sure that the project visibility is ensured on the website of the faculty and social networks of the faculty.

All the documents and forms mentioned in this text are available in the continuation. The OICP is at the disposal to the teaching and administrative staff of the faculty for filling them out.


Funding and Tenders Portal

All international projects funded by the European Commission are applied online via Funding and Tenders Portal (https://

Project managers should know that the portal administrator on behalf of the faculty is Jelena Tadić Cegnar as a LEAR (Legal Entity Appointed Representative), and the dean, Prof. Ivan Koprić, PhD is a Legal Signatory. It is also necessary to enter the faculty PIC number.

We kindly ask project managers to timely plan the needs for signing documentation on the EU portal, because technical difficulties are frequently encountered on the system and there is frequently a need to communicate with the European Commission, while the deadlines are strict and can influence a successful project application.


Centralised EPLUS projects which are applied via the University – IMPORTANT!

The University of Zagreb has drawn up an instruction for centralised EPLUS projects for the programme period 2021-2027.

While applying EPLUS project proposals, all constituent units of the University of Zagreb have to use the University’s PIC/OID number for all activities within the EPLUS programme, whereas it is prescribed that higher education institutions located in a country which participates in the programme have to have a valid Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE). This means that Office for International Cooperation and projects of the Faculty of Law will cooperate with the Office for Erasmus Projects of the University, which play the leading part in this case. The faculty has to sign a Cooperation Agreement with the University, which is signed by the Dean and the Rector, and in this case the signatory on the EU portal is the Rector. We draw attention to the fact that there is a possibility of the need to wait for the signature from the University, as well as to the fact that the EU portal can encounter technical difficulties, and therefore we kindly ask you to send the necessary documentation on time.


Projects funded by the USA

When applying for the projects funded by the US Embassy, it is necessary to confirm that the Faculty is registered in the base. In the continuation please find the confirmation that the OICP made the necessary registration with all the required data, and the OICP takes care that the registration is timely prolonged every year.


Project visibility

For the purpose of successfulness of the Faculty and stimulation of scientific activity, it is important to ensure the element of project visibility. It is especially important in case of projects funded by the EU for which it is a mandatory element. In that sense, the OICP encourages the staff involved in the projects to report all the news and events that could be published on Faculty’s communication channels, and the OICP will further ensure that the contents are prepared and finally published (e.g. guest stays abroad within projects, conferences within projects, results, book promotions etc.).