Constitutional Law - seminar
Chair of Constitutional Law
Constitutional Law - seminar
Code: 31824
ECTS: 4.0
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Constitutional Law - seminar 4.0 31824
The Constitutional Law seminar enables students to deepen the understanding of constitutional concepts acquired during the ConLaw lectures; to critically evaluate those concepts and enhance their understanding of constitutional institutes in a comparative context.
The seminar revolves around selected topics, updated each year to reflect current issues in the sense of constitutional legal topics and challenges before the Republic of Croatia as well as the influential European and North American legal systems. Each of the seminar lecturers uses an individual syllabus, including topics of their own choice. For this reason, there is no pre-set lesson plan and/or bibliography.
The topics may include some of the following: Constitution and constitutional governance. Classical and contemporary constitutionalism. The Constitution as a legal act. Human rights and fundamental freedoms. Constitutional review. Basic institutions of democratic governance. System of government and accountability. Compound states and unions of states. Constitutionality of the European Union. Establishment of the independent Republic of Croatia. Basic features of the constitutional system in the Republic of Croatia. Fundamental rights guarantees in the Croatian Constitution. Croatian Parliament. Referendum in the Republic of Croatia. President of the Republic of Croatia. Government and central administration. Constitutional Court of the Republic of Croatia. The judiciary. Special institutions of constitutional review. Local and regional self-government. Consolidation of the Croatian legal system.
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