Sociology of Croatian Society

Find below topics and schedule for the course Sociology of the Croatian Society:

5 March 2019              

ČEPO/KREGAR/PETRIČUŠIĆ: Introduction to the Course

12 March 2019

KREGAR: Introduction to Sociology as a Science / Sociological Methods

19 March 2019

KREGAR:  From Socialism to Democracy: the Emergence of the Croatian Independent State

26 March 2019

ČEPO: Political System of Croatia

2 April 2019

KREGAR: Corruption in Croatia: Evil or Destiny?

9 April 2019

No lectures / exam week

16 April 2019

PETRIČUŠIĆ: Ethnic Diversity in Croatia

23 April 2019

PETRIČUŠIĆ: Croatian Youth and Their Values

30 April 2019

PETRIČUŠIĆ: Gender and the Social Transformation in Croatia

7 May 2019

PETRIČUŠIĆ: Visit to the political institution (tbc)

14 May 2019


21 May 2019

28 May 2019

KREGAR: Community and Society: the Dynamics of the Croatian Local Government

ČEPO: Croatia in the European Union / Final Paper Submission

Course Evaluation and Grading

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