Croatian Association of Criminal Sciences and Practice

The Croatian Association of Criminal Sciences and Practice is the largest professional organization dealing with the criminal sciences and practice in Croatia, with more than 250 members, and it operates successfully for more than thirty years. Association is also a national member of AIDP and its members participate regularly in its international colloquia and congresses.

The aim of the Association is the enhancement of criminal justice system, criminal law legislation, science and practice, and related sciences dealing with criminality. In order to achieve this aim the Association gathers lawyers and other citizens involved in criminal law, practice or related disciplines; cooperates with competent state bodies, professional and scientific organizations and individuals dealing with the issue of criminal law; provides expert opinions and advice, publishes scientific and professional papers, organizes seminars, symposia and other professional and scientific meetings as well as various forms of professional development; cooperates with domestic and foreign professional organizations; participate in international trade and assist its members in their participation in consultations, congresses, symposiums and other scientific and expert gatherings; publishes scientific and professional publications and carries out other work that contributes to the achievement of the goals for which the Association was founded.

The Association publishes the Croatian annual of criminal sciences (law) and practice that is the scientific journal published twice a year by the Association since 1994.