doc. dr. sc. Mateja Held
doc. dr. sc.
Mateja Held


  • Place of birth: Koprivnica, Croatia
  • Date of birth: September 14th 1986


Work experience

  • December 1st 2010 – June 2016: Research and Teaching Assistant, Faculty of Law, Zagreb
  • June 2016 - Present: Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, Zagreb



  • June 2015: Doctoral thesis "Objective Administrative Dispute in Croatian and Comparative Law"
  • April 2011 – 2015: Ph.D candidate  - Public Law and Public Administration
  • 2009/2010 (summer semester): Erasmus in Warsaw, Poland
  • 2005 – 2010: Faculty of Law, Zagreb
  • 2001 – 2005: I. Gimanzija Varaždin, Varaždin


Academic experiences and activities

  • participant of the international Conference Public and Private Justice Course, „Procedural Human Rights and Access to Justice in the World of Emergencies and Economic Crisis“ held in Dubrovnik in May 2014. Presented a paper 'Access to Administrative Justice in the Light of Analysis of Zagreb Legal Clinic Cases'.
  • participant of the international Conference „Protection of Human Rights in Administrative and Courts Procedures“ held in Zagreb in October 2013. Presented a paper 'Administrative Contracts in special legislation of the Republic of Croatia'.
  • participant of the Annual Conference of the Institute for Public Administration „New Legislative Framework of the local self-government and local elections in the light of 20 years experience“ held in Zagreb in January 2012. Presented a paper 'Changes of the regulation regarding the relationship of the central state and local self-government - extent and quality of the supervision'.


Other profesional activities

  • December 1st 2010 - Present: mentor of the Antidiscrimination group of the Legal Aid Clinic, Zagreb
  • Member of the Institute for Public Administration



Graduation year: 2010

PhD graduation year: 2015

Employed since: 2010


Public phone number:
4895 744
Ćirilometodska 4, soba 44/potkrovlje
Administrative Law

Thuesdays from 12:30PM-14PM

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