Constitutional Law
Constitutional Law
Study: Law - 3. semester
Code: 79145
ECTS: 8.0
Course coordinators: doc. dr. sc. Ana Horvat Vuković
Basic data
Constitutional Law Law - 3. semester
8.0 79145
Lecturer in charge Consultations Location
doc. dr. sc. Ana Horvat Vuković Trg Republike Hrvatske 3, room 10
REQUIRED: The Constitution of the Republic of Croatia; Novi informator (2010), str. 15-67
REQUIRED: Branko Smerdel; The Constitutional Order of the Republic of Croatia on the Twentieth Anniversary of the "Christmas" Constitution - the Constitution as a political and legal act; Novi informator (2010), str. 83-171
REQUIRED: Besselink, L.; Bovend'Eert; P., Broeksteeg; H., de Lange, R.; Voermans, W.J.M.; Constitutional Law of the EU Member States; Kluwer (2014)
REQUIRED: Fleiner, T.; Basta Fleiner, L.; Constitutional Democracy in a Multicultural and Globalised World; Springer (2009)
REQUIRED: Branko Smerdel; Design and operation of the "hybrid" presidency - evaluation of the power sharing in the Croatian top executive; Zbornik Pravnog fakulteta u Zagrebu, 65 (2015) 2 (2015), str. 181-211
REQUIRED: Branko Smerdel; In quest of a doctrine: Croatian constitutional identity in the European Union; Zbornik Pravnog fakulteta u Zagrebu, 64 (2014) 4 (2014), str. 513-534
REQUIRED: Branko Smerdel; Central European Democratic Transition: The Paradigm of; Eleven International Publishing, Hague (2014), str. 51-62
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RECOMMENDED: Branko Smerdel; Croatian Parliament in a Comparative Perspective; Croatian critical law review, 1 (1996) 1-2 (1996), str. 137-154
RECOMMENDED: Branko Smerdel; The Constitution of Europe Convention on the Future of Europe and the Process of Constitutional Choices; Revus revija za evropsko ustavnost, 1 (2003) 1 (2003), str. 4-14
RECOMMENDED: Branko Smerdel; Ethics in government: conflict of interest and the Constitution; Zbornik Pravnog fakulteta u Zagrebu, 50 (2000) 5 (2000), str. 769-794
This course offers instruction in the historical, philosophical and legal-theory roots of modern political institutions that form the general framework of government - Croatian as well as comparative. It analyses the background structures of the state's organizational scheme, i.e. the interplay of the three branches of government as well as their functions and limitations, the foremost of which is the protection of fundamental human rights and freedoms. The students should become able to analyze the various modalities of judicial reasoning and argumentation, and to articulate informed opinions on important and controversial constitutional issues.
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