Classic search

Books, journals, articles in journals and periodicals, online and electronic material in the library can be searched by:

  1. title and/or words of the title
  2. author
  3. keywords
  4. type of material (book, article, journal)


and your search can be limited by:

  1. year
  2. type of media (paper, electronics)
  3. language.

When searching by keywords, it is advisable to use the operators: AND, OR, NOT to obtain a greater or better choice of literature information. It is worth paying attention to active links as they take us to deeper levels within the records and offer us a larger and more precise choice of information.



Search the library catalogue with the most state-of-the-art search engine (“Google Principle”).



A simultaneous search of the library catalogues and other sources, i.e. databases/electronic journals.