The seminar at the Faculty of Law was reorganised by a government order; the Seminar Library was formally established as a separate organisational unit, thereby renovating the faculty library; the Head elected by the Council of Professors serves as the head of the Seminar and the Seminar Library (the first Head was Fran Milobar)



The Library and Faculty were evacuated to Upper Town due to war circumstances and the needs of the army; after the war, the Library returned to the west wing of the university building



Beginning of the creation of library catalogues (alphabetical, professional systematic and inventory catalogues)



The Library was finally located in its present premises in the eastern wing of the university building; the first librarian in the Library was employed (1933); the start of the production of the subject catalogue; another librarian was employed; the beginning of borrowing textbooks to students; opening of the first reading room (1934)



The Library becomes a depositary for the United Nations publications



Re-opening of the Student Reading Room



The new Statute of the Faculty changes the name of the Library to the Bibliotheque, and the function of the Head of the Library



Integration of the Faculty and Higher School of Administration; part of the library collection of the School included in the Library’s holdings; within the Library, a documentation service was established



Beginning of compiling the collection of books placed in special treasuries



Computerisation of the Library, computer processing of library materials, acquisition of electronic information sources and databases (CELEX)



Library holdings available on the Internet at http://knjiznica.pravo.hr; the beginning of the implementation of Information Literacy Program for law students



Faculty secures access to LexisNexis legal database



In the winter semester, the EU i – information centre for European law is officially opened; the Centre publishes the EUROPA info and EUROPA Biblio newsletters



The program of preventive protection of the oldest and most valuable library materials (Rara collection) was launched



The Library becomes a member of the European Research Libraries Network LIBER



The Third Generation Library Catalogue with Advanced Search Options (VERO) was developed and became available on the Library’s website: http://knjiznica.pravo.hr/cgi-bin/wero.cgi;  an information literacy program for law students called “Academic Writing” was launched; the European Documentation Centre (EDC) was officially opened in a newly renovated and modern doctoral reading room



The third generation library catalogue with integrated EBSCO Discovery service was developed



Rara Collection was inscribed in the Register of Cultural Heritage



The Library became a member of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)