The Secretariat carries out professional, administrative, statistical, accounting, bookkeeping, technical and auxiliary services for the faculty. It is headed by the faculty secretary.

The faculty secretary organizes the work of the Secretariat, monitors the working discipline of employees in non-teaching organizational units, and coordinates their work. The dean may entrust the faculty secretary with certain tasks within his/her competence. The faculty secretary is responsible to the dean and the vice-deans, in accordance with the regulations on the governance of institutions. The faculty secretary is in charge of implementing the decisions of the dean and the vice-deans, and the decisions and conclusions of the Faculty Council.



Faculty Secretary: Petar Ceronja, LLM
Secretary at the Faculty Secretariat: Biserka Salar



Head of Accounting: Ivana Šola, MA

Giro account: (IBAN) HR9823600001101264729
Personal Identification Number OIB: 38583303160
MB: 3225909