Associate Professor Ana Horvat Vuković was born in 1984 in Rijeka, Croatia. She attended her senior year of high school in Florida, USA. During the course of her law studies, she received the Dean’s Award for Best Student Paper, as well as the Dean’s commendation for the highest GPA among 3rd year students. She graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb in July 2007 (the GPA corresponds to a summa cum laude degree), and joined the Department of Constitutional Law of the same Faculty shortly afterward. From 2009-2013, she also worked as a certified court interpreter for the English language.

She defended her doctoral dissertation titled “Regulation of Positive Discrimination with Special Emphasis on the Case-Law of India” in July 2013. She is the (co)author of three books, co-editor of two collections of papers from international scientific symposia, and the author of a number of scientific papers in Croatian and international publications.

She teaches courses at the Integrated study of Law („Constitutional Law“, „Constitutional Law – seminar“, and „Women’s Rights“ – both in Croatian  (since 2022-2023) and in English – ERASMUS and UNIC students;  (since 2020-2021)), at the bachelor level (“Basics of Constitutional Law”, “Comparative Constitutional Law” and “Constitutional Law of the Republic of Croatia”) and at the graduate level („Comparative Constitutional Law and Political Institutions“, „Comparative Constitutional Law of EU Member States” and „Introduction to Constitutional Casuistry“), where she is also a doctoral advisor.

She is a member of the ICONs (International Society of Public Law), Croatian Association for Constitutional Law, Croatian-Canadian Academic Society and a co-founding member of the student-staff alliance for the protection of LGBTIQA+ rights “ZA-Pravo” (Governing Board member, 2020-2022).

She is the academic mentor for the Antidiscrimination Unit of the Free Legal Aid Clinic at the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb (2019-present). She served as the president of the Faculty Committee for Students, Student Associations and Students’ Standard (2021-2023). She is a member of the Council for Human Rights of the Ombudswoman of the Republic of Croatia (December 2022-present), and president of the Administrative Board of the City of Zagreb’s shelter for child and adult victims of domestic abuse “Duga – Zagreb” (2023-).

In February 2021, she was appointed as a member of the working group tasked with drafting the Faculty’s first-generation Code on Students’ Protection From Sexual Harassment and Other Forms of Gender Discrimination. The Code entered into force on 23 February 2022 –

Her main area of interest is antidiscrimination law, particularly avenues of achieving and safeguarding substantive equality of political minorities like women (equal political citizenship, reproductive rights, power-sharing in the decision-making fora), the LGBTIQA+ community and racial/ethnic minorities. The issues of equal citizenship, personal autonomy, self-determination and dignity center in her research, be it focused on fundamental rights stricto sensu or structural issues such as implications of the federalist theory for the division of power in federal and quasi-federal structures (like the EU).