Nikola Mijatović is a lawyer and university professor. He studied at the Faculty of Law of the University of Zagreb, where he received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and in 2004 he received his doctorate with the thesis Taxation of Inheritance and Deeds. He graduated from the School for Reserve Officers of the College of the Croatian Army »Fran Krsto Frankopan« at the Croatian Military College »Petar Zrinski« (today the Croatian Military College »Franjo Tuđman«) in 2002. He passed the bar exam in 1999, and received professional training at the Faculty of Law of the University of Bochum in 2000 and at the Alfred Weber Institute and Lehrstuhl für Finanzwissenschaft of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Heidelberg in 2003, Max Planck Institute für Steuerrechtund Öffentliche Finanzen in Munich in 2013 and 2015, and Fordham Law School in New York in 2013. From 1997, he worked as a trainee lawyer, and from 1999 he has worked at the Faculty of Law of the University of Zagreb, where he is a full professor with a permanent title at the Department of Financial Law and Financial Science since 2017. He was a member of the working group for the preparation of negotiations with the European Union (chapter 16. Taxes), president of the Supervisory Board of Croatia osiguranje d.d. (2011–12) and the Supervisory Board of PBZ Croatia osiguranje d.d. for the management of the mandatory pension fund (2009–11), member of the Supervisory Board of Croatia Lloyd d.d. (2010–12), pres. Supervisory Board of Hrvatska lutrija d.o.o. (2017) and a member of the Governing Council of the Economic Institute (2016–17), Attorney at Law in the field of insurance (2018–19), deputy chairman. Supervisory Board of Zagreb holding d.o.o. (2016–20), a member of the Ethics Commission for the supervision of the election of members of the European Parliament from the Republic of Croatia (2013-2014) and members of the Croatian Parliament (2015), external member of the Committee for Finance and State Budget of the Croatian Parliament (2012–16) and a lecturer at the Diplomatic Academy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Croatia (2013–17). In addition, he is active as an arbitrator at the Permanent Arbitration Court of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. His specialty is financial law with an emphasis on taxes, budget, social contributions, insurance, and games of chance. He has published dozens of scientific and several hundreds of professional articles in domestic and foreign periodicals and anthologies, as well as independently or co-authored several books, textbooks and manuals. Notable works: Property Taxation with Special Reference to Inheritances and Gifts (2004), Traffic Taxation (2005) and Income Tax System in the Republic of Croatia (2007).