The mission of the faculty is to educate top experts in the fields of law, social work, public administration and public finance who will utilize their knowledge and skills for the advancement of the practice, education and scientific research in these areas.

The Faculty of Law is equally represented by students and employees. The faculty traditionally enrols the best students from all over Croatia, which gives us an additional incentive to base our study programmes on scientific research results, adhering to the highest professional standards. Our teachers are leading names in their respective scientific and professional fields in the Republic of Croatia and beyond, and enjoy a national, regional and international reputation. In addition, many of them hold the highest state offices in the Republic of Croatia and very high positions in reputable international bodies. All this helps to create a stimulating intellectual environment.

One of our biggest challenges is to continue with the development of study programmes that prepare students for the challenges of the labour market and the changing circumstances in our environment. Therefore, within the study programmes, the faculty’s staff runs scientific and professional projects, carries out surveys and studies, organizes domestic and international scientific and professional conferences and symposia, and designs and implements professional lifelong learning and training programmes. The Faculty of Law works hard on strengthening cooperation with the local community, business, judicial, legislative and executive authorities, civil society institutions, institutions of the European Research Area and the European Higher Education Area, and on discovering and realizing common interests in the process of building and perfection of practical knowledge and skills.

The realization of the mission and vision is possible only if the faculty acts as a dynamic, critical and engaged higher education institution in the long run. The faculty is open to social, scientific and educational changes, but also enjoys academic autonomy and ideological independence. It is of particular importance to encourage mobility and institutional support in the development of lifelong careers in research. In addition, we work continuously on enhancing the quality system as a form of support and encouragement to valuable talents, skills, knowledge and efforts of all scientists, teachers and students.

The activity of the faculty is based on freedom and autonomy of creation, the publicity of work, ethical approach in teaching and research, international quality standards, connection with the education system, intellectual property protection, academic freedom, academic self-governance and autonomy, openness to the public and citizens, indivisibility of teaching and scientific research, respect and affirmation of human rights and freedoms, the European humanistic and democratic tradition, harmonization with the European higher education system, the concept of lifelong education, etc.


The activities of the faculty include:

  1. setting up and carrying out university studies and other forms of education in the educational areas of law, administration, social work and related areas;
  2. scientific research and professional work in the field of legal, economic, political and other social sciences;
  3. provision of research, development and advisory services, preparation of expert surveys and opinions;
  4. publishing, printing and IT activities;
  5. other supporting activities.