prof. dr. sc. Nikoleta Radionov
prof. dr. sc.
Nikoleta Radionov

1.       Education

2002:                   Ph.D., University of Zagreb Faculty of Law. Doctoral thesis: “Contractual Liabilty of the Land Carrier

1999.:                  Bar exam

1994-1998:          LL.M., University of Zagreb Faculty of Law, Master in Civil Law and Sciences. Final paper: “Liability for Damages in the Carriage of Goods By Road

1990-1994:          J.D., University of Zagreb Faculty of Law. Graduated within top 5% of the class.


2.       Professional positions held

2012-on:              Full Professor, Dept. for Maritime and Transport Law, University of Zagreb School of Law

2007- 2012:         Associate Professor

2002-2007:          Assistant Professor

1995-2002:          Assistant

1995-1997:          Trainee, Municipal Court, Zagreb


3.       Teaching activities

Teaching: a) graduate level at the Zagreb School of Law. Subjects: Maritime and Transport Law (8th term);  Insurance law (9th term), European Transport Law (EU Module, project under evaluation).Teaching activities: lectures, seminars, training courses, tutoring papers, final (graduation) papers.; b) post-graduate level - Master in Commercial and Company Law (doctoral studies) at the Zagreb School of Law. Subjects: Maritime Law I ; Maritime Law II; Transport Law: Land and Air transport; Law of Insurance; Maritime Insurance. Teaching activities: lectures, mentoring final papers (master's grade) and doctoral (Ph.D.) thesis. Mentorship: Doctoral thesis: Padovan, A.V.: The Role of Maritime Insurance in Protection of Marine Environment From Ship Sourced Pollution, Popovic, N.: Competition in Infrastructure Activities. Master thesis: Letina, M.: New Passenger Rights in Air Transport. Graduation paper: mentor to over 50 graduation papers; six have been published in some of the best law journals, four of them in co-authorhip with mentor.

Teaching inovations: 1) 2006: licenced teacher, programme “Active Learning and Critical Thinking in Higher education” , international program “Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking- RWCT; using the modern ERR frames methods in the teaching process, one of the first teachers using active learning methods regularly in class at the University level. Regularly using new technologies in lecturing: PowerPoint presentations, handouts for students, movies, YouTube and other audio and video matierials. 2) Introduced new courses and created syllabus: Law of Insurance (J.D.), Law of Insurance, Maritime Insurance Law, Legal aspects of Crisis Management (LL.M.). Created new syllabus for various existing courses: Maritime and Transport Law (J.D.), Maritime Law I &II (LL.M.), Transport Law (LL.M.). 3) Created web-site of the Department for Maritime Law where information on all courses, contact with teachers and teaching materials are accessible (among first at the Faculty) 4) Introduced self-evaluation questionnaires for students, all results statistically analized and accessible on the web. According to those, highly acclaimed for her academic performance and overall conduct with students. 5) Introduced field teaching: organized visits for students with lectures and guided tours to Port of Rijeka, Port Authority, container terminal, Airport Zagreb-Pleso. 6) Organized and monitored the project “Practice in Practice” (2006-2009) where students at the final years of studies volunteered for one month in top-ranking law firms, ministries, transport and insurance companies.



4.       Professional and scientific activities

1995- on: Active scientific research in EU transport law, land transport law, air law, maritime law, law of insurance, law of contracts, real estate law.

2005- on: Foreign correspondent (Croatia) of “European Transport Law” journal, Netherlands;

2006-on: Foreign correspondent of the Institut de Droit International des Transports (IDIT), Rouen, France ;

2006-on: Arbitrator of the Permanent Arbitration Court at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce;

2004: Member of the national Working Group for Harmonization of the Croatian Legislation with the Acquis communautaire – Working group for Transport Policy.;

2003: National consultant for the EU for land transport in frames of the EC OBNOVA project;

2002-: Member of the working groups for drafting several transport acts (Code of Obligations, Railways Act, Road Transport Act, Maritime Act).


Scientific projects:

2007-2011: “Croatian Transport Law and Challenges of the Single Market”, funded by the Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports (project coordinator and researcher);  2002-2006: “Harmonization of the Croatian System of Civil Law to the Acquis Communautaire”, funded: Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports (researcher), 2002: «OBNOVA-Project», Mission of the Commission of the EU in the Republic of Croatia (local consultant).


Conferences and seminars (active participation):


2011 (April 8th) – Seminar on Maritime Code Ammendments and other novelties in Maritime Law, Croatian Association of Maritime Law, Rijeka, Croatia; 2010 (March 21-28) – „Raising Awareness on Human Trafficking in South-Eastern Europe and Beyond“, Crime prevention through criminal law&security studies, International Spring Course, Inter-Unverstiy Centre, Dubrovnik, Croatia.; 2010 (March 26th)- Perspectives and Challenges of the Croatian Maritime Law and Law of the Sea, Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts – Adriatic Institute, Zagreb, Croatia;  2008 (November,24-25) – Croatian Insurance Days, Opatija, Croatia; 2006: „50 Ans de la Convention CMR: Avenir et perspectives du transport international par route“, Institut International des Transports (IDIT), Deauville, France.; 2006 : „II International Conference on Transport: Towards Safer, Sustainable and More Efficient Transport“, CEDIT, Castellon de la Plana, Spain.; 2005 (November 14-15):ICTS 2005: 9th International Conference on Traffic Science, Portorož, Slovenia; 2005: „Europe - Our Common Home?“, VII ICCEES World Congress, Humboldt Universitat, Berlin, Germany; 2005.- „National Legal Concerns in Negotiating Access to the EU“, Inter-University Centre, Dubrovnik, Croatia; 2005- „Croatian Maritime Code and Other Novelties in Maritime and Transport Law", Brijuni, Croatia; 2004- „Implementation of the New Railways Law“, Croatian Railways, Faculty of Transport Sciences, Zagreb University, Zagreb, Croatia; 2002 - “Land transport”,  ELPA-Group and Commission of the EU, Zagreb, Croatia; 2002 “International Ship Registries”, Croatian Association of Maritime Law, Rijeka, Croatia; 1997 (June).: “Law of the Sea”,  IUC Dubrovnik, Croatia.



5.       Professional associations

1998- on: Croatian Maritime Law Association (Executive Board, member) ; 2001-on: Maritime Law Association of Slovenia (member).; 1995-on: Zagreb Lawyers Association; 1996-on: Association of Commercial Lawyers


6.       Research and Fellowships

2003 (April - June) Max-Planck Institut for Comparative and International Private Law, Hamburg, (post-doctoral fellowship by the Institute)

1998. (April-June)– “International Trade Law post-graduate course”, Torino, Italy (fellowship by UNCITRAL-UNIDROIT)

1996 (June, 21st- July, 12th)  .: “VII Session of the Academy of European Law”, Firenze, Italy (University Institute of European Studies fellowship)

1996 (June 1st-19th). “Tulane Summer Program in Maritime Law”, Rhodes, Greece (Rhodes Institute for Maritime Law fellowship)

1994 (March-July): International Law Institute, Faculty of Law University of Salzburg, Austria – scientific research and graduation paper „International Criminal Adjudication: Statute for an International Criminal Court“, Fellowship by the Austrian Ministry of Science.

1993: Rector's Award

1992: Award of the Dean of University of Zagreb School of Law (Best student of the year)


7.       Community service

1992-1995:          - liaison officer for the EC Monitoring Mission in Croatia during the war in Croatia

                              -working at the War Headquarters of the University of Zagreb on different tasks involving mobilization of students to the Croatian army, documentation of war distruction of the Croatian historical monuments and towns for UNESCO (Dubrovnik, Plitvice, Šibenik, Zadar etc.).


Published papers recorded in the Croatian Scientific Bibliography Database (CROSBI)

List of select projects

2015- : Šifra projekta: 1949: Multidisciplinary Research Cluster on Crime in Transition - Trafficking in Human Beings, Corruption and Economic Crime (Trans.Crim)

2016- : Šifra projekta HZZ: 3061: Developing a Modern Legal and Insurance Regime for Croatian Marinas - Enhancing Competitiveness, Safety, Security and Marine Environmental Standards (DELICROMAR)

researcher, Croatian Ministry of science, education and sport, "Adjustment of Croatian civil law regulation to the European framework" (2002-2006).

Project Coordinator, Croatian Ministry of science, education and sport, "Croatian Transport Law and the Challenges of EU Single Market" (2007-2013

researcher, Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb, "New Croatian Legal System" (2002-).