Mateja Čehulić, mag. soc.
Mateja Čehulić,
mag. soc.


Published papers recorded in the Croatian Scientific Bibliography Database (CROSBI)

What a Difference Does Time Make? Framing Media Discourse on Refugees and Migrants in Croatia in Two Periods

Čepo, Dario ; Čehulić, Mateja ; Zrinščak, Siniša
Hrvatska i komparativna javna uprava = Croatian and comparative public administration

Sociology with the Introduction to the Sociology of Law

Zrinščak, Siniša ; Kregar, Josip ; Sekulić, Duško ; Ravlić, Slaven ; Grubišić, Ksenija ; Čepo, Dario ; Petričušić, Antonija ; Čehulić, Mateja

Research approaches to the legal culture

Čehulić, Mateja
Law and Citizenship Beyond The States

Gaining Political Power by Utilizing Opportunity Structures: An Analysis of the Conservative Religious-Political Movement in Croatia

Petričušić, Antonija ; Čehulić, Mateja ; Čepo, Dario
Politička misao: časopis za politologiju

Between Security and Humanity: Elite and Media Discourse on Refugees and Migrants in Croatia

Čehulić, Mateja ; Čepo, Dario ; Zrinščak, Siniša
13th Conference of the European Sociological Association (Un)Making Europe: Capitalism, Solidarities, Subjectivities

Contentious Politics in Transitional Societies: The Rise and (Partial) Success of the Conservative Religious-political Movement in Croatia

Petričušić, Antonija ; Čehulić, Mateja ; Čepo, Dario
13th ESA Conference "(Un)Making Europe: Capitalism, Solidarities, Subjectivities"

Citizenship education research: multilevel overview

Spajić-Vrkaš, Vedrana ; Čehulić, Mateja

Effects of Europeanization on the rights of national minorities in Croatia: lessons learned and recommendations for future accession conditionality for the Western Balkans countries

Petričušić, Antonija ; Čehulić, Mateja
Nacionalne manjine u demokratskim društvima

Citizenship Education Power(lessness): The Conjoint Monitoring and Evaluation Report on Pilot-implementation of the Citizenship Education Curriculum in 12 Primary and Secondary Schools (2012/2013)

Spajić-Vrkaš, Vedrana ; (suradnici: ; Elezović, Ines ; Rukavina, Izvor ; Pažur, Monika ; Vahtar, Dorijan ; Čehulić, Mateja ; )

Politics and reforms in education: analysis of ideological conflicts around curriculum in Croatia

Čehulić, Mateja