Family law is a very important branch of law, which is within numerous legal systems analysed as a part of civil-law contents. Since it is in Croatian legal system an independent legal branch, it is considered that foreign students should be also offered such a course in English. Such an idea has already been developed, however the multiannual practice and the students’ feedback indicate that it is necessary to inform the students, within a particular course, of the most important family-law issues.
This course is intended for Erasmus students as an introductory one, and the further deepening of their knowledge is already available to them within the existing course Family law, the credit value of which is 8 ECTS with the 90 hours in total.
The objective of the course is to inform the students of the most important family law issues, such as marriage, adoption or maintenance, as well as their significance in contemporary society. Students would be furthermore informed of the trends in the family law, especially from a comparative perspective. Particular attention would be paid to the issues of harmonisation and unification of family law in Europe.