The Student X-card has several functions:

  • It serves as a Student Identification Document which contains your student number JMBAG (in Croatian Jedinstveni Matični Broj Akademskog Građana, engl. Academic Citizen Unique ID Number), proving your student status.
  • It can be used for subsidised meals in the student restaurants (canteens). A certain amount of financial resources will be deposited onto your student card every 2 weeks (about 53.09 – 66.36€) directly by the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia. Therefore, a standard meal in the student canteen will end up costing you only 0.86€, whilst the remainder of the meal value will be subsidised by the Croatian government i.e. the amount deducted from your X-card.

Borrowing your X-card to other students is not allowed.

For more information on student restaurant locations, please check the following web page:


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