prof. dr. sc. Davor Adrian Babić
prof. dr. sc.
Davor Adrian Babić

Davor Babić is a professor of Private International Law and International Arbitration at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Law. He studied law at the University of Zagreb (LL.B, Ph.D.), Asser Institute in the Hague (Diploma in International Commercial Law)  and at the Central European University in Budapest (LL.M. in Intl Business Law).

Professor Babić has published on a wide range of topics relating to private international law, international commercial law, international arbitration and ADR. He has served as chair, sole arbitrator or co-arbitrator under various institutional and ad hoc arbitration rules and in various seats of arbitration. He has also acted as a mediator in commercial disputes and as a member of dispute adjudication boards under FIDIC construction contracts.

Since 2015 he teaches International Commercial Arbitration at the Central European University in Budapest as a visiting professor. He has tought private international law and international arbitration as a visiting professor at various other universities including at the University of Pittsburgh (2012) and University of Loyola Chicago (2015).

Profesor Babić was head of the Chapter 6 (Company Law) working group for for negotiations on Croatia's accession to the EU.

He is a member of the International Law Association and International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Commission on Arbitration and ADR. 




Graduation year: 1998 graduation year: 2000

PhD graduation year: 2005


Public phone number:
4895 621
Private International Law

Tuesdays, 10-11.30.

Published papers recorded in the Croatian Scientific Bibliography Database (CROSBI)
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  Editor's books

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  Scientific papers in other journals

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  Nonscientific papers in other journals

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  Papers in the publishing process

1. Babić, Davor Adrian.
Fair and equitable treatment of investments in international investment law. // Zbornik Pravnog fakulteta u Zagrebu. (2011) (accepted for publication).

2. Babić, Davor.
Independence and impartiality of arbitrators. // pravo u gospodarstvu. (2008) (accepted for publication).

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Hall Street Associates v. Mattel: End of the Heresy of Expanded Judicial Review of Arbitration?. // Stockholm International Arbitration Review. (2008) (accepted for publication).

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  Published invited lectures

1. Babić, Davor Adrian.
Law Applicable to Road Traffic Accidents under Rome II Regulation and the 1971 Hague Convention // 17. Savjetovanje Hrvatskog ureda za osiguranje o obradi i likvidaciji automobilskih šteta.
(invited talk,published,expert).
  Scientific conference papers with international peer-review

1. Babić, Davor Adrian.
Private International Law in Bogišić's code // Bogišić i kultura sjećanja : zbornik radova znanstvenog skupa s međunarodnim sudjelovanjem održanog u prigodi stote godišnjice smrti Balda Bogišića / Kregar, Josip ; Bogišić, Vlaho ; Čepulo, Dalibor ; Miladin, Petar ; Ravlić, Slaven ; Hameršak, Filip, editor(s).
Zagreb : Pravni fakultet ; Leksikografski zavod “Miroslav Krleža”, 2011. 119-143 (lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).
  Non-refereed conference paper

1. Babić, Davor Adrian.
Some Exceptions from the Lex Loci Delicti Commissi Principle under the Hague Convention on Traffic Accidents of 1971 // Zbornik 18. savjetovanja o obradi i likvidaciji automobilskih šteta / Hrvoje Pauković, editor(s).
Zagreb : Hrvatski ured za osiguranje, 2010. 55-59 (lecture,published,expert).

2. Babić, Davor.
Special Jurisdiction in Contracts under Art. 5(1) of Regulation (EC) 44/2001 // Zbornik prispevkov Evropski sodni prostor / Rajko Knez, Suzana Kraljić, Dušan Stojanović, editor(s).
Maribor : Pravna fakulteta Univerze v Mariboru, 2005. 141-161 (lecture,published,scientific).
  Abstracts in Book of abstracts

1. Babić, Davor Adrian.
Court Review of Arbitrators' Decisions on the Applicable Law? // .

2. Babić, Davor Adrian.
Implied Choice of Applicable Law in the Proceedings // .

3. Babić, Davor Adrian.
Which Law Governs Mediation? // Journal of Private International Law Conference.
(invited talk,international peer-review,abstract,scientific).

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Mediation According to the 2008 Amendments to the Croatian Code of Civil Procedure // .
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Proposals for the Amendments to the Mediation Act // .
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6. Babić, Davor.
Choice of Foreign Law in Arbitration Without an International Element // .
  Unpublished papers

1. Babić, Davor Adrian.
European International Civil Procedure - A System in the Making: Scope of Application (in Particular Temporal Scope) // .

2. Babić, Davor Adrian.
A proposal for the new rule on arbitrability in the Croatian Arbitration Act // .
(lecture,international peer-review,unpublished,scientific).

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Ordre public interne in European Private International Law // .

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Ubrzani arbitražni postupak, hrvatska iskustva // .

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Brussels I Regulation: transitory provisions // .
(lecture,international peer-review,unpublished,scientific).

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ICC Arbitration Rules: Effective Case Management, Arbitration in Construction Disputes, Costs of Arbitration // .

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Civil Jurisdiction of European Courts over U.S. defendants // .
(invited talk,unpublished,scientific).

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Implied Choice of Law during the Proceedings // .

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Use of Mediation Tehniques in Arbitration // .
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Application of UNCITRAL instruments on international sale of goods and arbitration in Croatia // .
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Future Work in the Field of Arbitration: Arbitrability // .
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12. Babić, Davor.
Arbitration in Croatia // .

1. Babić, Davor.
International Jurisdiction for Contracts in EC, Croatia and the U.S. / doctoral thesis.
Zagreb : Pravni fakultet, 14.10. 2005, 425 pages. Mentor: Sajko, Krešimir.
  Master thesis

1. Babić, Davor.
Arbitrability and Law Applicable to Arbitrability / pre-Bologna master thesis.
Budimpešta : Legal Studies, 12.03 2000, 150 pages. Mentor: Varady, Tibor.
  Graduation thesis

1. Babić, Davor.
Determining of the time allowance with MTM system in technological sewing processes on the men's coat / pre-Bologna graduate thesis.
Zagreb : Tekstilno tehnološki fakultet, 30.06. 2003, 81 pages. Mentor: Dragčević, Zvonko.

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Adoption in Private International Law / doctoral thesis.
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