On Monday 20 November 2023, at the occasion of marking the 32nd anniversary of the Vukovar tragedy, the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb organised a lecture by Vladimir Dzuro, who spent 10 years working as an investigator before the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. The lecture was organised in co-operation with the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Croatia, and attended by Croatian and exchange students, as well as Ambassador Milan Hovorka. Before the lecture, the vice-dean for science, innovation, knowledge transfer and lifelong learning Prof. Elizabeta Ivičević Karas, thanked the audience on behalf of the dean of the Faculty of Law Prof. Ivan Koprić. Before the lecture, an extended version of the documentary „Investigator“ was shown to the audience. This was followed by an interactive presentation by Mr. Dzuro, in which he  pointed out the particular demands of researching and documenting war crimes of the kind committed on Ovčara and the territory of northwestern Bosnia and Herzegovina. He also stressed the key role played by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in the development of international criminal law. He also presented to the students the Croatian edition of his book „Investigator – Demons of the Balkan war and world justice“, for which photographs were supplied by the Croatian Institute of History, the Croatian Homeland War Memorial and Documentation Centre and the Vinkovci Branch of Matica hrvatska.