First place in the Central and...

A team of students from the Faculty of Law of Zagreb won the first place at the Central and East European Moot Court Competition - CEEMC. The students that competed, Helena Kumpar Zidanić, Fran Marko Stojković, Lorena Suša and Petar Zubić, were trained by Nika Bačić Selanec and Antonija Ivančan, research assistant from the Chair of European Public Law.

The competition was held at the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg, where judges and independent lawyers of the Court, along with professors and lawyers, formed part of the panel.

On the road to victory, students had to go through five oral pleadings in just two days, during which they represented both sides in a hypothetical case.
Our students demonstrated a high level of knowledge and skill in court representation as well as the ability to adapt to the requirements of the procedure and learn from the previous rounds.


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