On Thursday, 21 April 2024, a panel discussion was held under the title Linguae artis – On the importance of knowing foreign languages in the legal profession. The event was organized by the Department of Foreign Languages in cooperation with the student association Pravnik with a view to introducing students to the growing need for knowledge of foreign languages in the legal profession. The panel consisted of Gabriele Wahl Cesarec, lawyer at the Law Firm Bradvica Marić Wahl Cesarec Skerlev in Zagreb, Toni Marinac, legal affairs co-ordinator at Tommy d.o.o., Karlo Kožina, assistant at the Department of Administrative Science and until recently judicial adviser at the Administrative Court in Zagreb, and Ela Rudnički, trainee lawyer at the Law Firm Slunjski and Rudnički in Varaždin.

The discussion focused on the usage of foreign languages by lawyers, which is becoming more intense and more frequent due to Europeanization and globalization. Through a conversation with moderators Snježana Husinec, assistant professor at the Department of Foreign Languages, and Mihaela Slunjski from the Lawyers Association, and later with the audience, the guests emphasized that knowledge of foreign languages is an important criterion for hiring interns. English and German were highlighted as the most frequently used, while knowledge of other languages, such as French, Italian and others, is certainly an advantage in employment. As a conclusion, the panelists invited the numerous audience to improve their knowledge of foreign languages through various programs offered by the Department of Foreign Languages, as well as through informal education.