Organized by the Faculty of Law in Zagreb, the Faculty of Law in Pittsburgh, and the Faculty of Law in Verona, the conference entitled “Cross-Border Dispute Resolution” was held in Dubrovnik from 8 to 10 May 2024.

The conference programme was designed for lawyers who deal with cross-border disputes in their practice. Lawyers from the USA could earn credits accredited by the American Bar Association based on the attended programme. Italian lawyers could also earn credits. Participants included lawyers from the USA, EU member states, and regional countries.

On the first day of the conference, professional responsibility in cross-border business was discussed, the second day covered topics related to international commercial arbitration, and the third day focused on judicial resolution of cross-border commercial disputes. Speakers at the conference included Professor Ronald Brand (University of Pittsburgh), Professor Marco Torsello (University of Verona), Professor Franco Ferrari (NYU), Professor Giesela Ruhl (Humboldt University in Berlin), Professor Milena Đorđević (University of Belgrade), and Professor Dora Zgrabljić Rotar (University of Zagreb).