Pravo konkurencije

Competition Law / Pravo konkurencije



27/10 – introductory class

3/11 – subject matter and goals of competition law

17/11 – relevant market, notion of undertaking

24/11 – agreements

1/12 – state aid

8/12 – colloquium; abuse of dominance

15/12 - concentrations

22/12 – institutions

12/1 – Article 106 TFEU

19/1 - revision

26/1 - exam


The schedule is provisional and may be changed depending on circumstances.


Colloquium is written; it covers the subject matter of previous lectures; the grade in the colloquium is taken into account in the final grade and students who have a positive grade in the colloquium are not required to take that part in the final exam.  


Students are expected to be prepared for the classes and be active during the lectures – participation will be reflected in the final grade.


Literature: any competition law handbook, lectures.

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