Sociology of Croatian Society

Find below course assignments for the course Sociology of the Croatian Society:

Students are expected to come to class having read the assigned materials and to participate in class discussions.  All assigned readings are available online via the course website at:

Exam is consisting of an essay (final paper) on a topic linked to course subjects taught during the semester. The topic needs to be agreed with one of the course lecturers. Paper should be 8-12 pages long (12 pts, Times New Roman, 1,5 spacing) and need to be submitted by 20 May 2019 to Asst.Prof. Antonija Petričušić at

In this course you will earn a grade by completing the following assignments: final paper - 50% of the final grade 20%, class participation - 30% of the final grade; and attendance - 20% of the final grade.

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