Private Security Services and Law
The issue of security, traditionally under direct control and responsibility of states, came under severe scrutiny during the last two decades, due to, among other factors, a constant increase in private actors’ engagement in providing security services in the private as well as public domain, often within a public private partnership structure. The purpose of the course is to provide students with the understanding of principal concepts with regard the term security in the modern setting. The course will examine the national law experience in regulating the private security services, with special focus on the issues of licensing, registration, control, accountability, transparency and standards performance. The course will further analyses the civil and criminal responsibility of security service providers in comparison with public security service providers. Parallel to the national law regulation, the course will additionally examine both the international regulatory framework, as well as the self-regulation efforts made by the industry, inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations. A special focus will be devoted to the operation of private military and security companies in accordance with the International Law of Armed Conflict. Finally, the course will analyze current trends in the private security industry, such as is the provision of maritime security services, airport security services, cyber security services, policing services and services connected to the protection of critical infrastructure.
Chair of Maritime Law and General Transport Law Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb Summer Semester   ERASMUS Course: Private Security Services and Law   More information is available at this link .   First meeting : Tuesday, 27 th February 2018, at 9:00h. Faculty of Law Trg Republike Hrvatske 3 (smaller building) Lecture Hall IV, 3 rd floor Regular class : Every Tuesday, 8:15-12 Faculty of Law Trg Republike Hrvatske 3 (smaller building) Lecture Hall IV, 3 rd floor   Starting on : 27 th February 2018 Ending on : 3 rd April 2018 Examination period: 9 th – 11 th April 2018     Contact: Assistant Professor Mišo Mudrić       More information is available at this link .